Mission & Vision Statement

Understanding negative consequences of being disconnected, the Government of Azerbaijan initiated the TASIM project - Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway. It was officially announced in November 2008 by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology at the Ministers’ Summit held within the framework of the 14th Azerbaijan International Telecommunication and Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference.

A special Baku Declaration in support of TASIM adopted on 11 November 2008 at the Baku Regional Ministerial Meeting with participation of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the UN Secretariat and representatives of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, India, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine and USA, as well as in cooperation with the GAID (UN Global Alliance for the ICT and Development), RCC (Regional Communication Commonwealth) and TAE. The declaration requested the Government of Azerbaijan to coordinate regional efforts to advance the project implementation.

The invitation to join the Declaration was also sent to Bulgaria, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan that did not participate at the Meeting. It was suggested to establish a Task Force of seven experts representing Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, GAID, RCC and TAE to coordinate the initiative and appoint the Government of Azerbaijan as a party responsible for the Task Force meetings. The Declaration also asked the Government of Azerbaijan to prepare the Terms of Reference and Action Plan for the Task Force’s work and request the UN General Assembly to discuss and support this initiative.

TASIM’s aim is to provide the shortest transit route between the world’s two major internet exchange points: Frankfurt and Hong Kong. The TASIM’s topology is presented on this slide.

This is a vast region comprising many countries that are not adequately interconnected.